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Our Studios

Our studios provide a simple, clean space for your next project.

Green Room

Our green screen measures 13 Ft, 6 In by 8Ft, 3 In.

In addition, portable popup greens screens are available upon request.

Full room measures 542 Sq Ft.


Our Lounge measures 375 Sq Ft.

Host parties and meetings here!

Holds up to 20 people.



Our Lobby measure 440 Sq Ft.

Host presentations, parties, casting calls and more!

Fits up to 20 people.

Black Light Room

Now Available!

Our Black Light Room measures 200 Sq Ft.

Great for Photography, Videography or Events!

Holds up to 10 people.


Coming Soon

Recording Studio

Cyclorama Room

Our Recording Studio measures 200 Sq Ft.

Available Summer of 2022.

Our Cyc Room measures 315 Sq Ft.

Available Summer of 2022.



Need an office space?

Many have businesses from home or work on the go.

But taking a client to your home may not be ideal.

You'll find our office spaces are wonderful for quick meetings, interviews, and presentations.

Take a look at our Office Suites

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